Our Wedding

Ladies lunch in the Tea Room. Day before the wedding Yuliya Yuliya Future Mrs.Cherry
Yuliya in the Tea Room Cherry's ladies: Charlotte, Mollie, Malia, Yuliya and Harriet Mollie and her three boys: Jacob, Thaddeus and little Matthias Boys like very active life style
Mollie and sons Steven's and Yuliya's footwear Yes, cowboy boots are obligatory in Texas Steven's sister Karen and her husband Gary
Emily, Karen, Gary and Nikki are in the church Charlotte and Frank Cherry Mom, Dad and Malia Steven's brothers: Mark and Paul
"What about me?..." sais Mark Everybody is talking and waiting for the couple in the church Father and two sons "Okey-Dokey" says Paul
Priest Jeff Klein, Steven and Paul infront of the altar Flower girls: Malia and Emily Malia and Emily immitate baskets with the rose-petals Flower girls: Mailya and Emily
Dad escorts Yuliya to the altar Bride and groom Mom, Malia and Dad Steven and Yuliya
Mom and Dad Repetition number 2 Steven escorts his Mom Mom and her Son
Steven and his best man - brother Paul Dad escorts Yuliya to the altar Dad and Yuliya Closer and closer
Yuliya imitates holding the wedding bouqet Where are our wedding rings? Bride and groom infront of the altar "1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 seconds..."
Future Mrs.& Mr.Cherry Two hearts brought together by God What a wonderful couple! "Gor'ko!"
"Gor'ko! Gor'ko! Gor'ko!" Steven's brother Paul and his wife Nikki at the rehersal dinner Paul is lookig at the menu Steven's brother Mark and his wife Mollie
Mollie Mollie and Karen Cherry's company Our friendly family
Staring at each other Mom and Malia are getting ready Beautiful bride! Incredible bride!
Gorgeous bride! Delightful bride! Admirable bride! Adorable bride!
Glorious bride! Charming bride! Radient bride! Magnificent bride!
My bride, Yuliya! Careful bride! She takes such good care of me! She is always next to me :-)
We will take care of each other How many layers do you have? Hand in hand Wedding rings
Keeping each other Two lives become just one Two hearts become just one Two souls become just one
Bloom my Yuliya as this rose! My flower Yuliya Let our life be as sweet as the aroma of this rose You and I are always together
Always and forever My Yuliya! My bride! She is the flower of my life!
My queen! My attentive future wife! Two birds are always together! She is my life!
He is my life! Beautiful Malia Malia's smile is incredible! On the way to the church
They are cute Flower girls: Emily and Malia Two summer flowers!
Emily with the basket of petals Emily, Charlotte, Malia Niece, Mom and sister Steven's brother Paul and his wife Nikki
Nikki and Paul Steven's sister Karen and her husband Gary Gary and Karen Gary and Karen
Heavy shower during the service at the church Heavy, but short Happy groom! Steven's brother Mark and his wife Mollie
The altar at the church The church Priest Jeff Klein, Steven and the best man Paul Nikki Cherry
Maid of honour Marta Smiling Marta Flower girls Flower girls: Emily and Malia
Emily and Malia with the baskets of rose petals Petal by petal Emily and Malia Flower girls
The groom and the best man Dad escorts the bride Dad and Yuliya Dad and Yuliya
Radient bride Step by step At the altar "You are here, my Yuliya"
Radiant bride Is it really you? The bride and the groom Yuliya and Steven
Prayer The srvice "Where are the rings, best man?"
"Groom can kiss the bride" I'm able to kiss her endless "It's done!" Not groom and bride anymore
Wife and husband Congratulations! Mr & Mrs Cherry Finally we are one family!
Mr & Mrs.Cherry Leading the wife away The begin their life road together The priest Jeff Klein and the newly married couple
Yuliya, Jeff and Steven The priest Jeff Klein and the couple The maid of honour, the couple and the best man My congratulations, brother!
The maid of honour, the couple and the best man Marta, Yuliya, Steven and Paul Marta, Yuliya, Steven and Paul Brothers: Steven and Paul
Marta and Yuliya She is Mrs. Cherry now, not Tabakova any more Parents and children Cherry's
Congratulations! Yuliya and the maid of honour Marta Marta and Yuliya The newly married couple
Yuliya and Steven Mr & Mrs.Cherry Always together The couple and the parents
Mom, Yuliya, Steven and Dad Mark, Mom, Yuliya, Steven, Malia, Karen, Dad and Paul Cherry family Cherry family
Cherry's family All together Always together
Three generations Frank and two sisters: Charlotte and Harriet Steven, Mom, Yuliya, Dad and anty Harriet Yuliya's friends from San Antonio
Yuliya's friend Marta and her husband Dax, Yuliya and Steven, Marta's Mom Maria and her husband Edward Mr & Mrs Scarnato, Mr & Mrs Cherry, Mr & Mrs Nepper Yuliya and Marta Yuliya and Marta
Mark Cherry and his youngest son Matthias Father and son Cute Matthias Charlotte
Mom with the bouqet Charlotte and Nikki Paul and Nikki Cherry Where are our sunglasses?
Here they are Our iron horse Carefull my Yuliya! Your layers
My skirt! I'm half way Successfully! We are ready!
See you all at the reception hall! Avoiding the puddles Follow us We obey the rules of the road
Catch up! It is 117F on the sun 20m/h How great it is in the shadow!
Catch up! Red light Yuliya is holding her veil My shoes are still on me!
Smile, please! Riding ahead Yes, Steven likes speed Hello!
We are happy! On the black iron horse It's so romantic! Anty Harriet is taking the pictures
Yuliya, hold your veil! It's COOL! Riding away I'm not scared when I'm with Steven
My cautious husband I hold you, Yuliya! I hold you, my Steven! My hair is still there
It's worth it to have the experience We are almost there Towards the wind! Our life style
Steven and Yuliya Husband and wife Mr & Mrs Cherry We started our trip called LIFE!
Wedding cake Do you know what is inside the cake? Deliciouse cherrys, of course Let their life be as sweet as this cake! Sweet and never bitter!
The reception hall The table of the newly married couple Guests table Smiling Joann
Hello, Roidan! I'm here, guys! Along the "coridor of happiness" Yuliya and Steven
The parents blessing The toast for our parents! Cheer! Cheer!
Congratulations from parents Parents blessing Parents blessing For our parents!
Unity candle tradition Put the fire on your life Safe and keep this family fire Let it las forever!
Be happy, our children! Yuliya and Steven The best man - Paul Cherry Best man toast
Cheer! Marta and Maria from San Antonio Marta and Maria About Ukrainian tradition
About Ukrainian tradition "Gor'ko!" Maria is singing Ukrainian song Ukrainian song Claping their's hands
Yuliya and Steven "Gor'ko!" Gor'ko! (Bitter!) The first dance
Dance of the couple Dance of Yuliya and Steven Pa by pa The are waltzing incredibly!
He's not that much taller than she is! "Let me be your fredom..." "Let me be your shelter..." "Let me be with you... all I ask of you..."
"Yes, be with me..." Voila?! Uncle Paul and Thaddaus Arm wrestling
Just you and me! Steven and Yuliya Let's try again Thaddaus won!
Steven and Yuliya The toast of parents Parents toast Mom and Dad
We are happy to have such parents! Again "Gor'ko" Father-daughter dance Frank and Yuliya
Dancing Father-daughter dance Sorry for steping on your foot, Yuliya "You are dancing wonderful, Dad"
Mother-son dance Mom and Steven are dancing Dad, Yuliya, Mom, Steven are dancing Dancing
He is a son to be proud of Dad dances lovely My dearest person - Mom Yuliya and Dad
Dancing Dancing Dancing Mark and Mollie Cherry
Mark and Mollie Cherry Paul and Nikki Cherry Charlotte and Thaddeus Cherry Frank and Malia Cherry
Grandmother and grandson Paul and Nikki Cherry
Paul and Nikki are dancing Yuliya and Steven are dancing Dancing Dancing
David and Christine are dancing Ups, oh, ah, sorry Christine Dancing Steven and Yuliya
Dancing I'm getting the hang of this! Little Shanon Jeff and Gina Klein
Marta and Dax Scarnato Rachel, Roidon and Shanon
Dancing Wedding game "Family duties" Wedding game "Family duties" Yuliya, "Riding motocycle!"
Wedding game "Dolls" Wedding game "Dolls" Mark and Mollie playing the game "Dolls" Kevin and Rachel playing the game "Dolls"
Three sons has given them great practice Yuliya and Steven are dancing Dancing Dancing
Dancing Cutting the cake Who is leading? Almost done
The most wonderful piece The sweetst as this kiss Yuliya and Steven The piece is put up for auction
The auction is began Who gives more? Oh, it's cooperation! Dancing