Yuliya's Family

Yuliya's Mom Vera Ivanovna and her granddaughter Sofiya Sofiya is sleeping Vera Ivanovna and Sofiya Sofiya is yawning
Yuliya and her niece Sofiya Vera Ivanovna and Sofiya Brother Artur, sister Anna, Anna's husband Sergey and Vera Ivanovna with Anna's daughter Sofiya Mom and daughter
Slavik and Artur Sofiya Mom Anna and daughter Sofiya Granny and her granddaughter
Sofiya Sofiya is tasting the baby's dummy Yuliya and Sofiya Two sisters: Yuliya and Anna, and Sofiya
Vera Ivanovna and Sofiya Hush... She is sleeping. District evangelist Romen Palm and Sofiya Time to take a bath
Shampoo is obligatory! She is so small Hamster Fill "Hello guys!"
Yuliya and 15 roses from Steven on St.Valentines Day Yuliya and roses Yuliya and Lena at the aerobics club Lena after aerobics
Yuliya after aerobics For health life style Aerobics makes us very flexible! Can you do like we can?
Yuliya's godfather Sergey and his daughter Victoriya Yuliya and Lena Yuliya and her granfather Victor Semenovich Victor Semenovich and his great-granddaughter Sofiya
Great-grandfather and great-granddaughter Yuliya Green eyes Yuliya Yuliya's father Alexandr Vickorovich and his granddaughter Sofiya
Sofiya and her puppy Sofiya and a puppy Alexandr Victorovich and Sofiya Alexandr Victorovich and Sofiya
Mom Vera Ivanovna Alexandr Victorovich and Artur Alexandr Vickorovich and Artur are dealing with the crosswords Mamulka Vera
Steven and Artur Artur, Mom Vera and Steven Alexandr Victorovich is takeing the video Vera Ivanovna, Steven and Yuliya
Alexandr Victorovich and daughter Anna Gulya and Yulya Gulya and Yulya: friends from the college Yulya and Gulya
Steven and Yuliya in the apartment in simferopol