Spring - 2012

Passion for sunglasses Fun at the playground Slide!
Meeting the ducks Yummy cookie Searching for the key Stone puppy
Professore Zoya At the zoo
Steven Vera
At the Houston Zoo Friends for ever Vera and Anna
Lana Anna
Zoya & Anna Natasha & Anna
Flying the kite Easter Sunday Easter Sunday
Blowing bubbles Success! Ready for a swim Strong connection
Jamaica Beach, TX Vera & Local Pirate
Playing chess Vera, Galveston, TX "Follow me!" Gone with the wind
Adrenaline ride Safe landing Happy Family Vera & Colonel Paddle Boat
Zoya at the Gulf of Mexico Indiana Guarding dog Vera - keeping beach clean!
Favorite dollies Radiant smile!
Climbing the steps On the top! In charge Windy day
Zonked Independent girl Painting
Artist at work Amazing toy!
Little mermaid Fun with Papa On the top of the world Sugar Land Library