Trip to San Antonio, August 2008

San Antonio Alamo Our friend Marta & I Huge cactus!
It's not prickly at all Very juicy green color Just me Steven and I
Alamo Alamo Me Me again
I'm still here Pathfinders On the riverwalk, Sant Antonio Riverwalk
My cowboy Steven Flora and Fauna Cascading waterfall
Marta and Yuliya Smile, girls, smile! Run, Forest, run! Marta and Julia Roberts
Marta, Morgan Freeman and Steven Inimitable Demi Moore Steven and trio Open Range with Kevin Costner
Meet Joe Blak Axel Follie Harry Potter team Steven and I
Charming Johnny Depp A guest of Oprah John Wayne and Steven Some like it ho!
Yuliya and Steven Cherry Adventurer Indiana Terminator A.Linkoln
Happy Marta!